Always have a back up

It’s always worth while having a back up because when things go wrong ‘big time’, like the sun roasting all electronics an electronics with a solar-flair, direction earth.

What is not electric or electronically controlled these days?! Water, sewage, gas and electricity networks are the biggest part of what keeps us in our modern world but what happens when it’s gone?

How will we let the farmer know what we want in the city, how will we pump the gas for the lorry that brings it in & how would we keep it when everything needs electricity to keep it fresh.

Now these questions came from me watching how in Berlin’s former eastern side, most streets still have a road side manual pump, which has been upgraded and which still supplies water to who ever needs it and takes the time to pump the handle.

In my mind bikes offer this same service, cycle couriers would rule the day and our time of mobile phones would have passed untill we shield from this blast from the sun.

Rickshaws and cargo bikes would become the most important aspect of our lives for transport and travel, as we can’t just magic back horses by the thousands.

Might it not be wise to have these options along side our modern life, as the cost of not having a backup will always be higher then if we do not.


Harry in a Rickshaw

Harry on a Bugbug
Now that would be nice but still, he got on a nice pedicab. It just goes to show that rickshaws in London are a nice little addition for a rainy day. I bet a few black cabs were cursing that they did not have the light on 😉

Humble beginning is what this could be & I trust that Boris will give it a try …….. Mmmmh just hang on a moment, I think I saw just such a picture 😉

Suppose that we’ll get Ken in one soon, Mmmmh just hang on a moment, I think I saw just such a picture 😉



Olympics – the start

So, the build up starts. 8.9 million expected, in a city which houses 8-12 million people. It sounds like New Years day every day for 21 days, with so many people coming to watch the fun.

The fact that it is the ‘first public transport’ Olympics does raise a few thoughts and one is that the tube network will have an enormous strain, even the road network looks to be already filled with more cars then road.

I’d agree with TfLs push to get people walking & cycling, one person walking & even one person cycling take up less then 8th of the space a car needs.

So bring it on, cycle and walking it is – enjoy the ride 🙂


Being happy is worth more…

Being happy is worth more then money and doing what makes you happy and earning a living is a winning format.

It’s great when you like what you do and the first week I spent on a rickshaw giving lifts around the westend, changed my life. Yea, I know that kind of sounds cheesy but when you have sun, fun and smiles plus get paid, then even the odd day of rain can’t wash the glow of being happy out of your life.

It Begins

So here we are, Bugbugs winning a Clean City Award (again :).

ImageThe idea of a clean city is not just for the look but also of the smell, why do we have so many cities like London fail air quality targets? Not enough trees?

Well, when you look into it, then it does not take long to figure that one of the big ones is all the cars, vans, buses and lorries blocking up the streets. No matter how many streets you squeeze into a city, eventually they will get full, especially if every one ‘lives the dream’ – big car and house.

It’s a shame, that we rely so heavily on this polluting, money eating 4x wheelers (or more), as not only don’t you get to cross a road safely or to listen to a London without the heavy roar of traffic. I think this was one of the reasons I got drawn towards bikes and trike, finally reaching the point of my journey with the humble Bugbugs Rickshaw. Now, one of many plying for hire in London.

The little three wheeled, peddle powered beasts are also known as pedicabs or rickshaws or (wrongly) tuk-tuks. They are normally powered by a smiling rider making a living at a time and place of his choosing (barring for choices made by his passengers 😉 ).

One of the founders of the idea – Chris Smallwood, hit the hammer on the nail, in a city which gets ever more smelly and clogged, would it not be a nice step to – offer jobs to the young, provide clean transport and wrap it all up by creating it as a business which needs no handouts?!

So Bugbugs was formed in 1998, and has started the long journey to change the life of the city, europe and maybe the world.

I got into rickshaws riding around London through a friend who was working to support his additional studies before going back home to teach architecture and joined the Bugbugs family of pedicab drivers, after 5 years of riding with the competition (London Pedicabs Ltd) and other small companies. One reason was how Bugbugs had a great team spirit, rules which protected the passengers and helped guide their riders. Chris at Bugbugs had set the whole thing on a ‘best practice’ principal and this struck me as the way ahead after years of working as a trouble shooter in other business.

The 7 years of riding on the streets as a rider, are amongst the happiest time I’ve yet lived and must say that after I got the mental direction for work in this job, created many great memories and eventually lead to meeting my wife and the direction of my future life.