Effects of the super storm NY

So the storm kicked in and the job, which was due to be booked. With all lines down in NY, payment for the booking of 40x rickshaws in London could not be done, that is until the very last day before, i’m thanking a lucky star that has kept us above the waterline.

With the Olympics having been a let down we needed the big job and when this booking came in from NY, could not believe my luck.

So with the order placed and paid for the hard work began, getting 40x riders to come together and to follow instructions. The best description is ‘herding cats’, they drift in as they feel and at times to my rather stressed and angered face 🙂 but such is the knuckle ride of a big job.

With my usual huddle, of team leaders and trusted, we finally moved every rider to location. Our guest came trotting out in pairs and Vanessa our ‘meet and greet’ did a fan job of tucking them in with a smile and a wave goodby.

The job went so smooth and our clients just kept on adding smaller jobs through out the two days, as they were over the moon with the service.

We finished the whole event with a huge smile and new friends who will always have a nice word of rickshaws 🙂 One rider was given a £100 tip and another just over £50 …… That’s happy!!!


Effects of a super storm

Well, we have less then six days to go for a booking with 40x Bugbugs, just two days and 9 hours between the two moving people from a top class restaurant to a super venue next to St James Park. The perfect job for pedicabs, we will be moving 160x people an hour (in comfort, as it’s two people per Bugbug). The logistics of moving so many people with 40x Bugbugs is hard enough, as we need to organise the riders, chase and ensure they turn up – unlike in a normal job we subcontract our riders. The advantage to them is that they can go with the money and to us that we can call on a large number of people at short notice.

The surprising thing this time is that with the booking coming from the states and not just any part but from the big apple, a super storm has come into the equation. Our clients have been left without a way to get payments to us. As the storm hit, it flooded power stations, sub power stations and damaged even some of the Internet services but also has affected the ability of banks to cope.

As staff in NY, can’t get in, services are down and even telephone lines are affected. What city in the world could deal with this and not have businesses affected?

So now it’s a race between New York getting back up on it’s feet in time for our client to ensure that the payments clears in time. For us it’s a nail biting risk and effort to keep 40x people on the hook waiting for next weeks ‘super job’ or a risk to do a job without a fixed guarantee of getting payment.

Watch this space to see how the adventure ends