Things to do today

So I start with a little article by TfL, which was plastered through every paper and news page they could find to print this. Sadly most just regurgitate the same text word for word without, checking the facts or purpose. Balance seams to be out of the window in favour of ease – kind like filling the Christmas turkey with paper, looks good but wrong.

So the next step is how to speak to those that feel the industry is wrong or ‘dangerous’. Most have there own agenda, family, political alliance, ambition, an easy vote winner or readily lead. What response will I get when contacting –
Alex Peters-Day, General Secretary, LSE Students’ Union, who seams to have said: ‘Pedicabs can be an incredibly dangerous form of transport.’

Will she be open to facts we requested from TfL about the accidents that have happened in the industry – 8x minor incident in 2011 or will I get a brush off?

So today I sent the email and wait to see what happens next.


Surprise – Noooot

@londoncyclist: Car pollution, noise and accidents “cost every EU citizen £600 a year” – The next time someone mentions road tax!

So why is cycling not more promoted and green businesses like the pedicab industry under such attacks?


But both sides must play this game, when voting for the next council leader look at if they use a bike or a 4×4, do they walk, take a bus or drive a car. Who supports them, what do they support?

Vote for safer roads, with less speed and more room for bikes and pedestrians.