Want to work, then find work

Just tweeting about how few of my fellow riders are English, kind of sad, as it’s a great way to meet people, make money and do a good thing for London.

The type of Rickshaw rider that seams to thrive and goes in to build bigger things are those that have a sense of adventure. Things become possible and life opens up when you work. I’ve never heard of an unemployed person getting a pay rise, so why would you write yourself off?

If you are an artist, then it’s a great way to gain experiences, for musician a super way to get flexibility and contacts, for a wana be star, future rich person ….. all good!!

The only down side is you need to like fresh air, exercise, people and making money. So what’s stopping my fellow local persons?! The brain, the brain that said, that’s not for me, I can’t do that, it’s not safe, no good, to hard, to strange and they say bad things about them ……

So, to live life or to wait for time to pass? I chose 13 years ago to change my life for the better and it happened, going from unhappy working in a cash handling centre to being a Rickshaw rider, with loads of life 😉


Going for the Cup

Four years ago Bugbugs, my london rickshaw company, moved to our new base in the side roads of the city and not long after, a letter dropped into our mailbox, which gave us a merit certificate for our part in keeping the city clean. So let me explain, our new location on Shoe Lane, is 8000sq ft of underground arches, cool in summer & warm in winter and very damp. It takes you straight back to the 18th century and it’s only the addition of electrics, stuck to the wall that gives a clue that we are now in the 20th century.

In this space are parked over 212 cycle rickshaws or better known ‘pedicabs’, with each rider producing around 3kg of waste each week. We add less to the waste mountain then most offices but felt we could do better.
Our motto is ‘best practise’ first.

So in that first year, we changed from a big bin to bags, illustrating more clearly what was being thrown away, this got us a ‘Merit Award’. The next step was to hand sort the waste, to ensure that as many pieces of paper, cans or plastic bottles would end up in our recycling and our final thing was to work out how to work with other companies to change their waste into a resource for our riders. This got us a ‘Platinum Award’ and a nice seat at a fancy banquet.

In the third year we started to look at what things could be changed to reduce waste. Using 2nd hand computers and have things fixed rather then to replace. Got us another ‘Platinum Award’, dinner and pat on the back but our goal was now the one and only ‘small site cup’.

So at the start of 2012 we pulled out all the stops and looked at what was creating our waste. We asked our riders not to bring rubbish from the streets, formalised the collection of food and redistribution from our local Pret, hand sorted the waste, commissioned an artist to repurpose our rubber waste and started to count the bags which we put to the curb each week.

I’m proud to say that 2012 was the year that earned Bugbugs the silver cup at the clean city awards!