Big Shuttle ride

We got a big group booking to move 120 people from Mc Motors in Stoke Newington to Old Street, fully branded! Any one who’s ever done a birthday do for 120 people will know what a headache the whole thing can be, so to transport them all 6 miles to the 2nd location can be classed as a big logistics project.

Artwork was ready to role but the client only got clearance three days prior to the booking that they could go ahead.
Branding 40x pedicabs was done within 6 hrs and herding our Rickshaw cats took only three managers to control traffic.

The ride up from our base took 1hr and lining up 30 mins, then loading clients & getting on the road just 15 mins. The big wagon train of Rickshaws stretched, 50 meters from head to tail, so a huge thank you to all the drivers who have way.

The passengers were the talk of the street and I think Kingsway has never seen such a sight, the branding had a huge impact and our fresh fleet stopped all the people on the street at least 20x times.

The general ride was supported by BMX stunt riders who did tricks for the amazed passengers and what took 40mins must have passed like a flash. Arrival provided a well deserved break for our thirst riders, who were welcomed by clients for a drink and to watch the evenings additional entertainments.

After the close our riders headed home, a lot more merry then the work of lesser mortals and happy to have finished a long day of building up to what was more like the Rickshaw Olympics!!

The final result was that our client was soooooo happy they want to do the same again in Scotland !!!