Great advert, all exposure good

So the MD wanted to see if an advert in Facebook would creat any actual business or entice any user to be become a Rickshaw rider. To our surprise we ended up with an abuse fest posted by Black Cab drivers.

So our thinking is that any press exposure is good exposure, as this creates increase traffic to the Bugbugs web site.

So, the results half way in, we have an increasing number of ‘likes’ mostly caused by the side effect of the exchange and not due to us actually paying for ‘likes’. We did get 4x calls for people who want to do the training and this has been disappointing, as we pay per day (14 days booked) and the number of potentials was supposed to be 25000 Londoners, at a 2% converses rate we should have been off our feet.

Turns out our new riders are the best ‘recruiters’ and also seam to be more proactive in bringing friends.

So, we will up date at the end and post some highlight of cab vs Bugbugs 😉

But ears a link 🙂
Cabs vs Bugbugs


Poor bike vs poor car

Bugbugs Advert has attracted lots of interest from cab drivers, mostly to vent on poor cycling habits.

So as I’m fond of cycling and trikes, must look for a junction which is well known for poor car driver habits. Any one know which one we should pick?

This is a London based challenge but if you think you know anyone who could tell me – please let them get in touch.