Electric pedicabs or not

Electric rickshaw or not
Ok, as a discussion point, let’s look at electric assisted and twist and go. Good or bad?
Experiance from what happened the last time pedicabs went electric in London.
1. The price of rental dropped to by 30%
2. Cost per customer dropped, as customers could not see why to pay extra if you are not killing yourself.
3. Riders had to do more runs per night to make the same money.
4. An ‘arms race’ of who had the most batteries and biggest motor.
5. Increased cost of operating a pedicab, through burned controllers, battery packs and broken forks
6. Rider retention dropped to weeks rather then months, as it allowed anyone to ride but not every one suits getting on a trike and working.
7. Electrical fires increased in the bases operating electric assist
8. More electric and mechanical failure per trike

Good Points
1. Any one can ride
2. Trips are faster
3. You can make more lifts per night
4. Hills aren’t a hassel
5. Quicker starts
6. You can put electric on all ‘older style’ & they work as well as a ‘new’ trike
7. Rental drops and rides are cheaper per person
8. It’s the most efficent electric Vehical – we tested one and got 60 miles from a good grade of assisted motor, on a velocab

Which side you would be on?

We at http://www.bugbugs.com felt that it adds one more complication and that the whole thing becomes less friendly. We actually never launched an electric fleet (even an illegal one 😉 and suggest that a new operator can save lots of pain if they can avoid going that route

Amazing woman

It’s not every day you meet Superwoman’ but a few years whilst operating our usual Wednesday training run i, for the first time met Shiz, an amazing young woman with bags of enthusiasm and a huge drive.

What stood out and still does is this huge wave of energy she infuses into others. Herself a power house, she imparts the feeling of a race horse ready to go.

As a rider she managed with a smile to finish huge rides, in her first day managing to cycle her Bugbug, all the way to Earls Court – not an unimpressive task, from which more experienced riders would shy away.

Well, after looking for a race worthy of her enthusiasm, was looking at the country of her origin and said to herself she wanted to tell the world it is not just a stereo type, but has depth and a world of different people.

One of our amazing people, rider, runner and fantastic –


@HassanRouhani: Shirin Gerami abt to become 1st female #Iranian triathlete to officially participate in world championship. #pride


Best of luck Shiz!!!