Tough love in the rickshaw base

Another few weeks have passed and we’ll soon hit December 2013, a season for giving rides, enjoying the merry spirit of people heading to parties and catching a bike taxi to the train.

It’s also the part of the year we start handing out a bit of ‘tough love’. In the rickshaw community you have a whole range of different types but a very small group tend to think that the summer was for getting stoned, then sadly, as the winter comes life becomes tough and this creates problems of need.

The riders that fall into this crack are far and few between but sadly impact on others more then their numbers suggest.
From only earning enough to get stoned or drunk or high, this group struggle with rental payments for rickshaw, home and life, usually sleeping rough in the rickshaw of another and taking things that are not their own, so the impact of desperation ripples to those around, those that put effort into the summer to enjoy the winter time off.

So how do we give this tough love and why? Well, we know if we ask them to leave our base at this point of the year, they manage to wake up and start the mad rush to sort out a place to live, some cash to eat and a bike to work or to move on to other places in the world were support or money lasts longer. If we leave it longer then the start of December, then they will already be in the hard time, with no way to make the resources to change.

Each year this group has a few members who are ill prepared to struggle through the quite time of January and February because they have no reserves.


A well lived life

Today I enjoyed the responses in an empowerment blog and the question he asked was what his readers felt was success. What I’m learning is that we are blessed with a huge world, an even bigger solar system, an even bigger galaxy and a universe which is so big that it’s near impossible to even fit it’s size into our minds. Each day we each have the same huge universe within us, from the fabric of stars in our bones, to atoms formed, to the amazing things that happen, in our cells, in our bodies and our minds, to the things around us, to the world around us.

So in all that space, all success is a life well lived and we each can choose what a ‘well’ lived life should be.
Be it creating, growing, meditating or striving, learning, rearing, educating, living, loving, dancing or cycling. Our path is the story 😉


Halloween night

So last Monday was the one celebration our rickshaw base does – Halloween. I know it’s Monday in November but it’s the best time, very few riders work on a Monday night and it’s perfect after having worked the Friday and Saturday shift, to then let your hair down and party.

The preparations this year included, building a small mixer box, which will allow different people to plug in as DJs and finally stop the huge feedback explosion we usually get when swapping input devises. LED flashing lights and pattern makers.

Then the flattening of the dance floor and filling in a few holes, with the stringing up of lights and projector sheet on the cement getting dry. This was followed by our two huge speakers and a video projector to add to the ambiance and fun. To top up the kink, we added 300 newspapers to the floor, to dance & shred the night away.

Our theme was Africa, so a little vodoo was feature in the costumes and the tiny Tilda show cased her recycled rickshaw rubber cloths.

Master boss man himself pushing the beat and watching over the souls of the travels of life. So the night was set to role and spirits of the night had there own night out.

The part started like the waves on a lake and slowly built to an explosive finish.