A new year a new challenge

So with the end of our financial year behind us, a quick summery to review how we moved along into this new year.

Bugbugs are now nearing the goal of having moved all our older rickshaws to new homes, a place they can do more good then being parked at our garage. The great thing is that our old fleet were exceptional and it feels good to see them go to new places, helping the expansion of the pedicab industry.

So, as the old bikes go, we start bringing online our new BugKMs and the even newer baby BugKMs, which will replace in but a few years our current work horse. The balance to swap to new from the old is partly to maximise reliability but also to help us stay ahead of our competitors, a game each company will need to play.

The business cycle works on replacing our equipment every 5years and to include improvements we discover each year. Looking at our new bikes, I feel excited for the future and already know were we will go. Experience tells me that the money we spend is well placed, on this UK built creation. Standards are high from the steel to the parts and ridding one of these beauty’s is nothing like the ones I started on.

London today holds all the previous generations of pedicabs and Rickshaws we started our learning curve on, the lesson I saw, not taken by all, who then slowly pass into history. To stand still is to pass into the past, each firm choosing how much to spend on the future and how much to take now. Those that spent time sowing the ground are now reaping the rewards, those that ate all the seeds have passed and are now long gone.

Business life is like farming, you reap what you sow.

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