Amazing woman

It’s not every day you meet Superwoman’ but a few years whilst operating our usual Wednesday training run i, for the first time met Shiz, an amazing young woman with bags of enthusiasm and a huge drive.

What stood out and still does is this huge wave of energy she infuses into others. Herself a power house, she imparts the feeling of a race horse ready to go.

As a rider she managed with a smile to finish huge rides, in her first day managing to cycle her Bugbug, all the way to Earls Court – not an unimpressive task, from which more experienced riders would shy away.

Well, after looking for a race worthy of her enthusiasm, was looking at the country of her origin and said to herself she wanted to tell the world it is not just a stereo type, but has depth and a world of different people.

One of our amazing people, rider, runner and fantastic –

@HassanRouhani: Shirin Gerami abt to become 1st female #Iranian triathlete to officially participate in world championship. #pride

Best of luck Shiz!!!

Great advert, all exposure good

So the MD wanted to see if an advert in Facebook would creat any actual business or entice any user to be become a Rickshaw rider. To our surprise we ended up with an abuse fest posted by Black Cab drivers.

So our thinking is that any press exposure is good exposure, as this creates increase traffic to the Bugbugs web site.

So, the results half way in, we have an increasing number of ‘likes’ mostly caused by the side effect of the exchange and not due to us actually paying for ‘likes’. We did get 4x calls for people who want to do the training and this has been disappointing, as we pay per day (14 days booked) and the number of potentials was supposed to be 25000 Londoners, at a 2% converses rate we should have been off our feet.

Turns out our new riders are the best ‘recruiters’ and also seam to be more proactive in bringing friends.

So, we will up date at the end and post some highlight of cab vs Bugbugs 😉

But ears a link 🙂
Cabs vs Bugbugs


Poor bike vs poor car

Bugbugs Advert has attracted lots of interest from cab drivers, mostly to vent on poor cycling habits.

So as I’m fond of cycling and trikes, must look for a junction which is well known for poor car driver habits. Any one know which one we should pick?

This is a London based challenge but if you think you know anyone who could tell me – please let them get in touch.


Bike ride london

Great event coming up in London, usually under the name of the sponsor of the day. I must say, it’s some thing I’m looking forward to. If you’ve never been on one, then it’s best described as ‘bike porn’, roads blocked off from cars and the whole of central london for our two wheeled friends.

It’s a great PR exercise for bikes, you get to see and smell central London without cars! Pollution drops and breathing is without aftertaste. I’m pleased that we have one day in which you get a chance to see London at life speed. It’s a great event if you have kids and it’s a great event if you’ve never been brave enough to go around the centre on a bike.

Look it up and come join us all


Victory in court

It sucks when thanks to political pressure a license is not created/provided and then that same pressure is used to creat an unfair system to beat up on Rickshaws.

It’s sad that London is still a long way from a green business like the pedicabs/Rickshaws to get a license.

A much press hyped subject, in which pedicabs are vilified for trying to operate a clean transport system and black cabs can use 150 years of monopoly powers to bully and eradicate, cycle based, competition.

One of our riders was arrested for ‘stopping longer then is necessary and obstruction’, he speaks English very slow and was never given a chance to explain nore a quarter given to operate his service thanks to mayor Borises policy to beat up on the industry (30,000 black cab votes ensure this). His pedicab has been impounded for 7 months and we had to find £1500 if he wanted to plead ‘not guilty’ and to swallow loosing our income from the pedicab. A choice, which is much more costly then pleading ‘guilty’ which equals, a minor fine but another bad long term mark for the industry!

Yesterday was the grand finally and in summery it was the lack of evidence by the police which won our case.
Sadly, it’s more usual, the lack of video evidence for a rider to prove that he is innocent which turns the whole process of ‘guilty’ till proven innocent on it’s head.

Thankfully, this was based on the more traditional ‘innocent till proven guilty’.


Running a zero emission business

I was asked what made the company I run different from my competitors. Well, to start with Bugbugs is London’s oldest pedicab company, we started the ball rolling and work hard at keeping it rolling, both in standards and our future vision for London’s zero emission transport. It’s not easy, because the whole ‘industry is free as a bird’, no easy win for business when any one with three wheels can cut my throat on price – if you operate with cheap equipment, no insurance and don’t train or fix your bikes, then what you make you keep.

So how to fight? Well, like building a house. You plan for a future, you invest in good equipment and you try to keep principals on what you set out to do.
Then you tell any client, it’s easy to spot the difference, even if they just visit us first. Bugbugs has an address, not a spot in an NCP car park.

Our equipment was made in the UK, everything from the metal up is good & a traceable standard. Next step, landline, good information storage, risk assessments & some good photos of our work. Next our sales pitch –

Our London rickshaws are available for media, corporate events, private hire, promotions, weddings, as event shuttles and are great for outdoor advertising media and handing out samples.

Bugbugs is different from other London ricksaw operators; we are a not for profit business, dedicated to providing full time or part-time jobs in London, provide guidance and advice on how to set a pedicab company up but also work with a number of charities to prevent food from becoming waste.

All bugbugs riders have passed our stringent in house pedicab training course, and are fully insured to carry passengers, this training is also the foundation of the 2006 PCOs consultation and is used as the model for all other companies in an expected license. The training includes levels 1, 2 and 3 of the national standard for cycling, recognised through out the UK, to ensure that our riders know how to use the roads in the UK and that that knowledge is uptodate.

Bugbugs fleet of London pedicabs provide, proven, socially aware and unique outdoor advertising opportunities in London’s West End or further afield, so why not become one of our sponsors and book us for a media campaign as part of your social responsibility to young people and the environment?

Job done


Rickshaw Life

The great thing about ridding Rickshaw, is not only the chance to take a break when you want to but is also, that when the weather is good the life on the Bugbugs becomes a perfect dream.

A bunch of us went along the Thames river path and the sight is one which makes me fall in love with this fab city. Green is the main colour and once you leave the angry people stuck in cars behind, cycling is akin to floating through the air. Silence, trees, birds, splash of water on the banks ….. Life as it should be.

Not every one wants or cares to slow down to the speed of nature but a bike is a great start.

I hope who ever you are, that you take the time to soak up the sun, drink in the light falling through trees and let this general life touch your soul. Peace and love 😉